• Industry
  • Public Buildings
  • Work and Accomodation
  • Private

Factories, warehouses, special structures

Industrial projects with often large loads and spans have challenging frame construction. The founder of our company has been granted with FISE's AA class qualification of designing demanding reinforced concrete structures. We also desing wood- and steel-framed structures. In design we use Finnish CADS software that enhances our structural and precast designing process.

Reinforced concrete, steel and wood structures

Public buildings such as schools, day care centers, hospitals, health centers and service apartments are usually challenging to design. Our staff has a lot of experience in public buildings as well as renovation or new construction. Based on experience, we can take advantage of field-tested solutions and combine them with new innovations.

Business premises, hotels

Commercial projects, such as hotels have to be designed especially in the name of flexibility and technical requirements. Good co-operation between the client and the other designers is important in order to achieve the desired outcome.

Holiday and summer houses, cottages, villas

We will design also smaller private buildings such as holiday, summer homes, cottages and villas. A designer from the local area is advantage because of short distances between construction site and designer. Through us you can easily connect with other local designers such as architect, HVAC and electrical designer.


Insinööritoimisto S. O. Kosonen Oy on vuonna 2010 perustettu.
Erilaiset rakenne- ja rakennussuunnitelmat, pienemmistä loma-asunnoista aina suuriin liike- ja teollisuusrakennuksiin kuuluu insinööritoimiston toimenkuvaan. Lisäksi erikokoisten rakennustyömaiden vastaavan mestarin työt ja valvonta on mahdollista suorittaa toimiston toimesta.
Yrityksen käyttämät ohjelmat ovat mm. Cads, Jigi, Pupax,